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Make sure yours stay on.

With Mountain Generator Services, you can trust that your generator will be there for you when you need it most.

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I’m Darrin Coleman, owner of Mountain Generator Services.

I understand the fear and confusion around choosing the right generator for your home or business and keeping it maintained.

With more than 20 years of experience selling and servicing generators, I can help ensure you get a generator that suits your needs and works when you need it most.

Keep the power on in 3 easy steps:


Find your generator

I'll arrange to visit you at your home or business to assess your needs and discuss options for which generator would be best for you.


Install your generator

I will handle your installation at your home and business and test the generator to ensure it will start up when the power goes out.


Maintain your generator

I offer an annual maintenance plan intended to keep your generator functioning properly, and to maintain your warranty.

What you should ask before you buy:

What size of generator do I need?

The size and kW capabilities of your generator should match your individual needs.

The first thing you need to decide is what you want to keep running in a power outage, only the basics, or the entire house or business.

Learn more.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty for generators varies by brand and reseller. It’s important to compare the length and terms of your generator’s warranty.

Briggs & Stratton, which is the only brand sold by Mountain Generator Services, has the longest warranty of any generator on the market. Find out more (opens in PDF).

What's involved in the maintenance?

Keeping your generator properly maintained is imperative for your warranty, and for your peace of mind.

Most people believe that generator maintenance only involves changing the engine oil. While this is important, it is only a small part of the annual maintenance that is required to keep your generator running at peak performance.

Among the parts that need to be checked or replaced annually are:

  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter
  • Valve adjustments
  • Voltage sensors
  • Oil warmers
  • Gas press
  • And many more.

Some of these items require special tools that most homeowners do not own.

Therefore, enlisting the services of a certified Master Service Technician to perform annual maintenance on your generator is highly recommended. Learn more about our Maintenance Plans.

What my customers are saying:

  • Awesome service. Would highly recommend.

    Barbara McElroy

  • We met Darrin Coleman at a Home Show, we were specifically looking for a generator as we live in the country. We talked to another generator salesman and he was able to tell us the actual cost of the generator with installation and then we moved on and found Darrin. Again, we got all the information on the generator and asked Darrin how much it would cost, he told us how much the generator, the pad it would sit on, the additional services of the electrician and a length of copper piping. He said that the total cost would change depending on how much copper piping we would need, so he couldn’t give us a final quote until he came out to the house to look where our generator would go. We chose Darrin as he was much more honest with us than the other gentleman. He services our generator yearly to make sure it is always working well.

    Ted & Dora Church

  • The wired-in generator was the best renovation I did when renovating this house. I have been dealing with Mountain Generator Services for approximately 15 years. Darrin calls annually to see if I would like service on my generator, we don’t need an appointment as it is outside and he can come when he’s in the area, he then sends an invoice in the mail. Darrin looks after the generator very well, his fees are reasonable, and he’s very reliable, knowledgeable, and personable.

    Gillian Trojan

  • I have been dealing with Mountain Generator Services for all my generator needs for at least 15 years or more, and I have always been more than happy with their service! I live at least 2 hours away, and whenever I have had an issue they have been to my place within 24 hours, which is amazing! I heat and cool my house with hydro, so I need my generator working at all times, especially in the winter. I know no matter what, I can rest assured that Mountain Generator Services will be just a phone call away. Thank you so much for your excellent service!


  • I’ve had my generator for 8 years and am delighted with the security it provides me. When the weather gets bad, I don’t
    worry because I know I’ll be fine. The auto-on means that I don’t even have to think about it. When the power goes down (& living in a rural area it does), I wait 2 minutes & then everything goes back to normal. I don't even have to worry about re-fuelling it, as it's hooked right into my home propane supply.

    I settled on this one after checking around & getting quotes. I had an idea of what size I would likely need, and Darrin didn’t try to up-sell me. Darrin has been servicing the generator annually & I have every confidence in it because I know it’s taken care of by someone knowledgeable & reliable. Peace
    of mind is priceless.

    Debra McPherson

  • We have been using Darrin for three years to do annual maintenance on our generator that he installed for the previous owner of our house in Manotick. We have been very happy with his responsiveness and the quality of the services provided. The generator, which comes on regularly because of Hydro One outages, has performed perfectly.


  • Darrin is a pleasure to work with. Darrin and his friendly team installed our generator a decade ago and has serviced it ever since. Darrin responds quickly to questions and service calls. Thank you Darrin!


  • Darrin Coleman has been servicing our generator for more than eight years. He has expert knowledge of the generator and can troubleshoot pretty well anything that might arise. Even better, Darrin proactively deals with problems that may be on the horizon. I would far rather deal with emerging issues in September, which is when Darrin services the generator, than have malfunctions in mid-February. Thanks to Darrin staying on top of things, our generator has performed superbly year after year. I would highly recommend Mountain Generator Services to anyone looking to purchase a generator or to service their existing one.

    Del Carrothers

  • I have been a client of Darrin Coleman (Coleman’s Small Engines/Mountain Generator Service) for over 20 years. His professional and friendly approach to business is beyond reproach. He never hesitated to assist me is repairing my equipment or assisting when I required new equipment, especially my generator for my home. He has continued to service my generator annually in his normal friendly way. I highly recommend this man and his services.


  • We bought our generator from Darrin Coleman in 2008. He organized all services needed for the installation. It was very efficiently done. Darrin contacts us to make a yearly maintenance appointment & check-up on our generator. This is a valuable service.

    We have never had a problem with our generator. However, we know that Darrin would be there to fix it on short notice. Darrin stands by the product he sells. He is reliable & available. It is a great comfort to know we have back-up electricity with our generator, along with a dedicated sales/service man with Darrin.

    We would definitely recommend Darrin Coleman and his business.

    Dave & Barb Jones-Jackson

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