I met Darrin in June of 2007. After major blackouts and periodic power outages since moving to Navan in 2002, we decided to look into getting a generator. One of my clients had met Darrin in 2006 and was very pleased with their generator installation and his service, so they referred him to us. Darrin provided a quote and all the professionals required to do an install of a generator in a couple of days. The installation was completed at the end of July in 2007.

Darrin proposed a Briggs and Stratton Intelligent System for us, as this would automatically switch to the generator in the case of a power outage. Darrin asked us which appliances were the most important so he could select the order of what would restore first to prevent any overload of the system. This system allows you to use your entire home up to the capacity of the generator.

Darrin provides annual servicing of the generator to keep it running top notch.  We still have the original battery!

We have had two instances where lighting strikes nearby our home caused damage to various components of the system.  Darrin was able to acquire a control board, which was damaged in July 2012, and the power switch was damaged in a storm in the summer of 2014.  Both issues were resolved promptly and our generator is purring away.

Power outages continue to occur periodically in the area either due to weather related issues or expansion of the power grid but whenever an outage happens, we don’t worry as we have our generator kick in within 30 seconds.

If you need a generator when a power outage occurs, Darrin is your man!